The People's Parish is a new initiative from TRACS (Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland) to support communities to shape and share the story of their own place.

The civil parish is the starting point because it reflects a human-scale relationship with local place. The aim is to inspire and support creative neighbourhood projects in each of Scotland’s 871 civil parishes, connecting local stories, traditions and cultural memory with the diverse voices of Scotland today.

We are currently assembling ideas for supporting communities to carry out this work, connecting with local resources and a national network of field-workers and community artists. If you are interested in initiating a local participatory creative project in your local area and would like some support or training, please contact us.


"We need to use Scotland imaginatively, to reassess and repossess it imaginatively; to suggest that many Scotlands might exist within its geographical bounds"
- James Robertson


    The inspiration for this initiative came from the old Statistical Account of Scotland, which began over two hundred years ago at the close of the 18th century. In the 21st century, the story should be told not by a few professionals or central institutions, but by the people who live and work in each individual parish, on their own terms. We hope the result will be a democratic 'creative account' reflecting local culture and creativity in Scotland today. The resulting work will be archived and made available for future generations, while the process of producing the work will have many positive outcomes for the communities undertaking it.


    • to involve all of Scotland's 871 parishes
    • to bring together local activists and organisations
    • to encourage participation in community life
    • to inspire new forms of mapping
    • to gather and give voice to songs, stories, dances, traditions, visuals, histories and fictions
    • to facilitate digital representation of local culture and access to it
    • to create a resource for generations to come